A selection of premium brands for specialty stores.

Colab48 distribution has a modern approach towards retail. Working together to keep people attracted towards our selection of brands.

We are a collective working together with

our clients to keep the ball rolling.

Picking the right brands, exposing, marketing,

b2b ordering system, etc. All tools available.

Putting brands out there as they should.

Making sales a partnership resulting in a win/win situation.

Who are we?

We are laid-back,  but not when it comes down to fashion feel and collections. Our hands-on management combined with knowledge in fashion and design, collections and sales, will make sure your sales will increase.

We put you in the decision-making-seat. We guide you through our full range of brands and make sure together we can make the best out of it.

Pieter Simons

Rainier de Potter

Joeri van de Vliet

Just try one of our premium selected brands in your shop!